Making the Most of Shepherding Souls Leadership Tutorial and Training

THree ONe Hour online sessions = $149.95

Remember why you wanted to be a pastor, deacon, or other program leader in the life of a congregation? This leadership training will not only remind you of those passions, but will help you live them out as part of your daily ministry.

 We know the demands on your time and leadership are ever increasing! So, let’s work together for a brief period to make a real difference in your congregation. 

The Milestones Ministry Team helps congregational leaders make the best use of resources that will nurture the Christian faith as well as help congregations reach out to others with the love of God in Christ. We are here to help you shepherd souls. 

The Making the Most of Shepherding Souls Leadership Training happenson-line and is led and facilitated by the author himself, the Rev. Dr. David Anderson. Your time together will help you gain the most out of the insights and strategies proposed in Shepherd of Souls: Faith Formation through Trusted Relationships. The training will lead you into the world of follow up conversations for the sake of ministry and the care of souls. You will look at theological and ministry foundations that help you as a shepherd as well as address understandings that have gotten in the way in the past. You will study and appreciate the embodiment of a biblical and historic Christianity based on the Four Key Faith Practices and will be strengthened in your resolve to shepherd souls around those practices. The three sessions will explore the following:

  1. current shepherding practices in your ministry and in the congregation
  2. what has worked for you and where you would like to expand your practice of shepherding,
  3. identify and commit to specific steps to enhance your shepherding, and
  4. discuss and assess the benefits of the next steps and develop with you a course of action that will keep shepherding as a central theme of your ministry.

This process will help leaders—both lay and clergy—build on their passions and abilities to promote shepherding of souls as vital to their ministry in daily life and in the work of the congregation. This training is part coaching, part consulting, and part teaching with an emphasis on helping program staff develop skills and a comfortability with shepherding souls.

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Who is David W. Anderson

The Rev. Dr. David W. Anderson has been a parish pastor, college and seminary instructor in religion and pastoral theology, adult Christian education author and editor at Augsburg Fortress, hospital chaplain, congregational trainer and coach, and author in the field of faith formation and outreach. He has over 30 years of experience working with a rich variety of congregations and denominations across the United States, Canada, Norway, Sweden, and Australia. In addition to numerous articles, he is the author of the following books:

*Frogs without Legs Can’t Hear: Nurturing Faith in Home and Congregation (2003, co-authored with Paul Hill)

Coming of Age: Exploring the Identity and Spirituality of Younger Men (2006, co-authored with Paul Hill and Roland Martinson)

*From the Great Omission to Vibrant Faith: The Role of the Home in Renewing the Church (2009)

*Vibrant Faith in the Congregation (2011)

*Shepherd of Souls: Faith Formation through Trusted Relationships (2018).

*Available from Milestones Ministry, LLC at

Shepherd of Souls Leadership Series

From the Great Omission to Vibrant Faith, Vibrant Faith in the Congregation, and Shepherd of Souls are all part of the Shepherd of Souls Leadership Series available through Milestones Ministry, LLC (

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