Policy for Use of Taking Faith Home

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Policy for Use of Taking Faith Home

Taking Faith Home can be ordered as a download or with the content on a CD. Both contain the same folder with PDFs for the entire lectionary year. Many congregations print them out and place them in the weekly bulletin. However, we realize in this day and age that so many more friends and relatives of the congregation can be reached through online means. We strongly encourage you to find digital ways to get Taking Faith Home in the hands of those in your congregation.

In accordance with your usage license, we ask that you do not post Taking Faith Home on your website, unless it is a restricted member’s only site. If it is posted on a public website, individuals can easily copy and download it for their own use without purchase. A suggestion is that you compile an email list and send a weekly email with the PDF attached. In this way, you can reach those who have not attended worship and invite them to use it in their home and also forward to family and friends.

Asking for feedback on how Taking Faith Home is being used in your setting can be a helpful way to determine who is being reached and how it is being used. Publishing stories of how it is being used in an e-news or on a website or Facebook page is a good way to encourage others to engage in this devotion that is intended to be used in the home and in small groups.

For a Facebook page, we suggest you cut and paste portions of it, rather than post the entire Taking Faith Home, to engage in ongoing conversations. You could post the caring conversations one day and the scripture the next, etc.

We are grateful for the ways you partner with us in ministry and welcome your feedback. Thank you for honoring our policy to not post Taking Faith Home on a public website.