Free Downloads and Resources in Response to Covid-19

Social Distancing

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our normal routines. Schooling is being done in the home, graduations have been postponed or canceled. Churches, stores, restaurants, and what are considered non-essential businesses are closed. We are learning about social distancing and wondering what it means for the future.

At Milestones Ministry, we believe this is a pivotal time in the life of the church. One of our principles for faith formation is, “Where Christ is present in faith, the home is church, too!” This is a time to encourage, engage in, and learn to “speak faith” and practice in the home. All resources in our ministry embrace the home as a primary setting that partners with the congregation.

Free downloads:

Back to School During a Pandemic Milestone Moment

Graduation Milestone Moment Online

End of School Year Milestone Moment Online

Social Distancing Milestone Moment Online

Coronavirus Conversations Milestone Moment


“How to” Videos

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a Milestone Module and a Milestone Moment?

There is now a short video for you to view to see the difference between the two.

Click here to view.

Or have you experienced how effective recognizing God’s presence in lives through milestones, can be as a faith formation resource, have dreamed of one that you would like to do, and wondered if you can design your own?

Click here to view.

There are also videos with ideas and suggestions for using Taking Faith Home.

Click here to view.

For more videos on how to and viewing “in action” use of Taking Faith Home, click on this link.

shutterstock_1206996091There are more resources and downloads under the Toolbox tab. Please take a moment to tour the Milestones Ministry resources. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Taking Faith Home 2020-2021 Year Cycle B Partial Download Now Available (A guide for faith-filled conversations)


Where Christ is present in faith, the home is church, too!

The partial download includes weekly Taking Faith Home faith-filled conversations guides that cover June 6 through November 25, 2021.

View the “how to” videos

Year B 2020-21 Partial Download

Taking Faith Home (TFH) is an annual  subscription providing a guide for faith-filled conversations to enhance faith formation.

  • Offers suggested daily Bible readings.
  • Gives examples of each of the Four Key faith practices (caring conversations, devotions, service, and rituals and traditions)
  • Includes weekly prayers
  • Based on the Revised Common Lectionary.

Take a look at Taking Faith Home Card Deck B to complement the Year Cycle B bulletin inserts.

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