Milestones Ministry Frame

The Milestones Ministry Frame

The Milestones Ministry Frame establishes an understanding of the essential work of the church, strategic practices to be engaged by the church,  and a description of the outcome of the work of the church. It has emerged over years of research on faith formation, including biblical , theological, and congregational study and actual work with congregations across the United States and in Canada, Australia, Norway, and Sweden. The Frame includes five principles, four faith practices , and three characteristics of Christians.

Five Principles of faith formation (read more)

  1. Faith is formed by the power of the Holy Spirit through personal, trusted relationships – often in our own homes.
  2. The church is a living partnership between the ministry of the congregation and ministry of the home.
  3.  Where Christ is present in faith, the home is church, too!
  4. Faith is caught more than it is taught.
  5. If we want Christian children and youth, we need Christian adults who practice the faith with them.

Four Key Faith Practices (read more)

  1. Caring Conversations
  2. Devotions
  3. Service
  4. Rituals and Traditions

Three Characteristics of Christians (read more)

  1. Authentic
  2. Available
  3. Affirming