Bible Study Based on Taking Faith Home

Looking for an engaging Bible study that can be enjoyed cross+generationally? for small groups? for confirmation class? for youth groups? to prepare for Sunday worship?

Reproducible and available as a download or on a CD.

The Bible study based on Taking Faith Home may be what you want. Here’s why:

  1. Easy-to-use design that anyone can lead
  2. A helpful theme and Scripture Verse for the Week (a possible memory verse?)
  3. Brief introduction that leads people into the Bible reading.
  4. Three introductory questions with snappy, fun, and thought-provoking multiple-choice answers to get you into the text.
  5. Open-ended questions that draw everyone’s story into the discussion
  6. With a number of supplemental Bible passages, it is quickly expandable to a larger study for those who want to go deeper.

For a preview of the look and feel of the Bible study, see the pages below:

Preview of two-page Bible study: Page 1
Preview of two-page Bible study: Page 2