Community Milestones

A Work in Progress! Stay Tuned.

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In addition to Child and Youth Development Milestones and Adult Life Milestones, there is also a group of events where communities celebrate occasions together as a body of individuals with a common interest and identity. These community celebrations are held to reinforce culture, heritage, faith, and community identity. Our Community Milestone modules help enhance these events by fostering everyone’s lifelong faith formation as a group. Community event occasions are opportunities to build new and stronger relationships and are made all the more significant by being made part of everyone’s journey of faith through Milestones Ministry.

Each Community Milestone module consists of a design that can be used in three different settings: Cross+Generational, the Home, and Follow-Up for both. There are also tips for planning, a Worship Blessing that can be done during worship, and outreach suggestions for involving the larger community. The first Community Milestone module is listed below and is available as an individual download. A Community Milestones Manual (Series C) is not currently developed. However, when enough individual modules are generated a manual will be made available.