Shepherd of Souls Series

SOS Leadership Series

The Shepherd of Souls Leadership Series comes as combination leader package of three books for the pastor or lay leader who wishes to have the complete series on Milestones Ministry church renewal. The set includesFrom the Great Omission to Vibrant Faith: The Role of the Home in Renewing the Church, Vibrant Faith in the Congregation, and Shepherd of Souls: Faith Formation through Trusted Relationships.

The combination set price ($39.95) represents a 21% savings when compared to purchasing the three books individually.

Rev. Dr. David Anderson’s three volume series of leadership books for congregational leaders is based on his doctoral research from the 1980’s, his congregational and larger church trainings conducted since the 1990’s, and his extensive congregational coaching since the 2000’s. The critical leadership techniques that he witnessed, learned, and discovered during those years are compacted into these three books.

What makes this series so valuable is that it is based on contributions from Scripture, church history, pastors, other church leaders, and congregational participants as to what is needed for the church of any age – including today – to be faithful disciples to one another and the world God loves. This series is the result of decades of reflection with Christian shepherds and field-tested efforts to make a difference in the world for the sake of Christ Jesus our Lord. The Shepherd of Souls Leadership Series presents real-life stories alongside biblical and church history examples on how Jesus Christ has made – and continues to make – a difference in people’s lives.

Volume one: From the Great Omission to Vibrant Faith: The Role of the Home in Renewing the Church helps congregational leaders reclaim the important role of the home as the basic building block for character development, faith, and values. It is filled with biblical, church history, and contemporary research. All of it has been synthesized through his field-tested research of coaching specific congregations and leaders. The beginning stages of developing a shepherding model of Christian discipleship is present in the need for persistence and patience, finding out what is helpful and what is not in congregational ministry, checking in with people, and follow up contact to see how the word of God is blessing and challenging people’s lives.

Volume two: Vibrant Faith in the Congregation: Once congregational leaders and households grasp the vital partnership between the ministry of the congregation and the ministry of the home for effective and meaningful discipleship, VFIC helps Christians understand and implement principles and practices introduced in the Great Omission book for the life of the congregation. Most every facet of congregational life is explored through the Four Key Faith Practices and Milestones Ministry, two foundational resources to help individuals, households, and larger communities live the Christian faith.

Volume three: Shepherd of Souls: Faith Formation through Trusted Relationships brings the series to its completion by grounding the Christian life in the Reformation theme of the priesthood of all believers, a way of life described as the ministry of shepherding souls that every Christian does to one degree or another. Pastors, other congregational leaders and the ministry of the home work together to shepherd souls within and beyond the life of congregations and homes to reach a world still waiting to experience the word of God in Christ that brings grace, mercy, and peace to thirsty souls. Milestones Ministry is presented as a model ministry that trains and equips disciples as shepherds. Confirmation is presented as a congregational ministry—not a youth ministry—whose primary goal is to shepherd souls in the Christian life and faith.

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