What’s included in the drop down bar?

Resource Support: User Guides for Milestones Ministry Resources, “How-to” videos, and downloads.

Articles: These articles are written primarily by Milestones Ministry Team Members Debbie Streicher and the Rev. Dr. David Anderson.

Presentations: These are PDF versions of presentations done by the Milestones Ministry Team for a variety of ministry events.

Making the Most of Milestones Ministry Tutorial and Training: This Making the Most of Milestones Ministry Training happens on-line and can help you be more effective and maximize the benefits to your congregation and families in the use of Milestones Ministry resources. Recognizing milestones in people’s lives allows them to experience meaningful and memorable moments that nurture them in the lifelong baptismal journey.

Making the Most of Taking Faith Home Tutorial and Training: This Making the Most of Taking Faith Home Tutorial and Training happenson-line and will help you maximize the benefits of using this weekly bulletin insert. Establishing the routine of using Taking Faith Home (TFH) at congregational meetings and Bible studies will help people practice the Christian faith by reading Scripture, praying, engaging in caring conversations, and using Christian rituals and traditions in daily life. Because people do not expect pearls of the kingdom in their bulletins, you will learn how to make this resource work better for you and countless others.