Shepherd of Souls Endorsements

What are church leaders saying about David W. Anderson’s newest book, Shepherd of Souls: Faith Formation Through Trusted Relationships?

“Following the lead of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, David Anderson calls every Christian to be a “shepherd of souls,” a call that takes concrete shape through Anderson’s own “Four Key Faith Practices.” In these pages we have a dynamic and new—yet very ancient—model for shaping and sharing Christian discipleship in the twenty-first century. Highly recommended for clergy and lay alike; easily understood, yet profoundly helpful.”  – Rev. John W. Matthews, Senior pastor of Grace Lutheran Church in Apple Valley, Minnesota, and former president of the International Bonhoeffer Society—English Language Section

“In the world of real estate one might say, “Location, location, location.” But in the community of faith, the body of Christ, it’s much more appropriate—and certainly more accurate—to say, “Relation, relation, relation.” Anderson’s passion for Jesus Christ and the community that bears his name shines through on every page of Shepherd of Souls. And on every page he helps us explore the very concrete ways in which relationships grow—between us and God and among us who claim a place in this community—as we care for each other day-by-day. A great resource for vital congregations.”-  Pastor Dick Bruesehoff, Spiritual director and retreat leader

“As part of the lay movement in the Church of Norway, I am thrilled about the writing of Dr. David Anderson. Based on the Reformation principle of the priesthood of all believers, he develops a wonderful text about faith formation and how to build congregations in a way that actually encourages faith in daily life. To be a follower of Jesus means that we are part of a movement, not a monument. Faith is not primarily in the head, but in the legs.”–  Oddbjørn Evenshaug, Former chair of the National Church Council of the Church of Norway and associate professor of educational psychology at the University of Oslo

“Shepherding is critical to the life, vitality, and health of a congregation and its witness to its local community. This care for others is not just the task of the pastor, but of each and every congregational member. In Shepherd of Souls, David provides practical ideas and food for thought when it comes to shepherding for faith formation. He encourages us to “think relationships, not programs” to help build a sense of belonging to a community of people rather than an institution providing services.”- Jodi Brook, Executive director of Grow Ministries, Lutheran Church of Australia

“Anderson has given us an inspiring and needful contribution to God’s determination to care for aching and yearning souls. Many will be blessed as they read and digest and practice what he has written!” – Pastor Tim Johnson, Kairos consultant

“David W. Anderson describes precisely what shepherding is all about, the need for it, and the legacy we need to rediscover, both in the Bible and the history of the Christian faith. He also shepherds the reader with guidance of the process and the challenge of implementing a shepherd of souls lifestyle. With great wisdom, real stories from ordinary peoples lives, and helpful questions at the end of each chapter, we are moved into action to be shepherds of souls to each other. This is why I am excited to continue serving in my local congregation after seventeen years.” – Runar J. Liodden, Lutheran pastor in Modum, Diocese of Tunsberg, Norway

“Come along . . . that’s what Jesus says, and that’s what David Anderson invites church leaders to do in Shepherd of Souls. This is not about getting more people to do something in the church, but it’s about the privilege we have to come along with and be the loving, undeserved kindness, encouragement, and hope that gives life to another person. The result of that is yes, our congregations may add numbers, but more importantly, lives are impacted and the church grows—not just in our congregation but in our family, our community, and world. In Shepherd of Souls David gives us the encouragement, the information, and the tools to be what God has called us to be—and do—shepherd souls.”– Doug Haugen, Executive director of Lutheran Men in Mission

“David Anderson’s approach of reconfiguring lived religion through relationships nurtured in homes and wider communities is a direct response to the disenchantment experienced by many in our late modern age. As the influence of mainstream religious institutions wanes, Anderson turns to the personal sphere of family and friends as the area of primary socialization in which faith can take root most strongly. As such, his response has great potential to reverse the decline of mainline churches and transform liberal American Protestantism.”- Dr. Maren Freudenberg, Research associate at the Center for Religious Studies, Ruhr-University Bochum (Germany)

“Taking seriously the Lord as our Shepherd and Jesus the Good Shepherd, David Anderson retrieves the care of souls as that practice most needful for the renewal of the church in our time. We are called to shepherd the souls of other people in daily life, certainly within congregations, but all the more in our families, schools, workplaces, and local communities. Because human well-being is inextricably connected to our life-giving relationships with God, one another, and all creation, this comprehensive guide to the shepherding of souls goes to the heart of the matter. How is it with your soul?”- Craig L. Nessan, Academic Dean and Streng Professor for the Education and Renewal of the Church , Wartburg Theological Seminary

“There may be no more important book for intentional and reflective pastors to read this year than David Anderson’s Shepherd of Souls.  If you want to shape the congregation you serve into an intentional, faith-forming Christian community, this is an inviting place to start.”- Rolf Jacobson, Professor of Old Testament, Alvin N. Rogness Chair of Scripture, Theology, and Ministry