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Taking Faith Home Cards

“Worship on a Card”

There are now three separate decks: A, B, and C. When you order 10 or more decks there is a 20% discount. In order to get the discount, please contact us directly at info@milestonesministry.org

Taking Faith Home cards are designed to allow individuals and families to nurture their faith at any time and place! Each card contains a variety of faith-building activities, allowing one to pick and choose what is most beneficial in your current setting.

Each of the 63 cards in Decks B and C and 64 cards in Deck A are designed from the Taking Faith Home bulletin inserts that are based on the Revised Common Lectionary.  They feature a theme statement, key scripture verse, a prayer and blessing that complement the key verse, and a caring conversation and service question to provide meaningful and faith-forming conversations. Reference cards for the Lord’s Prayer, scripture verse index, and a Lectionary index are also included. The cards have been described as “worship on a card,” easy and accessible ways for families, staff, councils, Sunday school, confirmation and other groups to have moments for devotions, reflection or prayer.


The cards are based on Five Principles for living and passing on faith, Four Keys for practicing faith, and the Three Characteristics for Christians.

Where can you use Taking Faith Home Cards?

  • Church staff, council, or committee meetings for team building
  • Children and youth ministry events
  • At home with family and friends
  • In the car during long or short trips
  • During family gatherings, celebrations, and reunions
  • Anywhere there is an opportunity to strengthen relationships through conversations and spending time together

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Deck A          Deck B          Deck C          Deck A, B, and C Set

If you or your congregation orders 10 or more decks of the Taking Faith Home Cards there is a 20% discount. For the discount, please contact us directly at info@milestonesministry.org or call 304-300-0836.