Shepherd of Souls Preaching and Teaching Series

The contents of the Shepherd of Souls Preaching and Teaching Series were developed to complement the Shepherd of Souls: Faith Formation through Trusted Relationships book. This 48 page reproducible workbook offers a complete overview of each chapter within the Shepherd of Souls: Faith Formation through Trusted Relationships book and will help lead worshippers, congregational leaders, families, small groups, and Bible study participants into a deeper experience of the life of the church that partners the home and congregation in ministry.

Why a preaching and teaching series? Because hearing the message preached in worship and reading and studying the message from the preaching and teaching series book with a small group is the best way to promote a life of faith that can move a congregation forward to more effective faith formation and outreach. A preaching and teaching series is well suited to provide helpful congregational leadership. It is one thing for clergy and a select number of lay leaders to be inspired by a proposed vision and strategies for ministry. It is another for a critical mass of people from the congregation to be informed and inspired for action. A preaching and teaching series allows people to collectively explore ministry themes and direction for the betterment of the congregation and the communities it serves.

What’s Included in the Preaching and Teaching Series?

1. Twelve suggestions on how to plan and execute the series to maximize your efforts.

2. Five suggestions that will help the congregation get the most out of the teaching portion of the series.

3. Worship and preaching helps that include the following for each of the 10 chapters in the book:
a) Recommended Bible passages and sermon titles; b) Sermon Helps for each recommended Bible passage; c) a specifically developed Taking Faith Home bulletin insert to send home with worshipers and also to be used with the book study groups.

4. Feedback forms (Reflection and Actions Sheets in the Appendix) to gain information on how the insights and commitments made through the series can be used by the congregation’s leadership to solidify the benefits through future activities in the life of the congregation and the homes that are linked to the ministry of the congregation.

This workbook is reasonably priced to make it accessible for small groups and congregational leaders. It is available as a download or on a CD ROM.

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