Vibrant Faith in the Congregation

Vibrant Faith in the Congregation by David W. Anderson (2011)

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With special emphasis on Christian faith formation and outreach, this book illustrates how congregations have successfully applied the Milestones Ministry Frame to various congregational ministries, such as evangelism, Christian education faith formation, worship and preaching, youth and family, and stewardship. Whether just getting started or looking for best practices, this book offers congregational leaders and ministry teams practical ways to bring their congregation together as “one” ministry rather than several disconnected activities under one roof.

A vibrant congregation is united by a common approach to faith formation and outreach through the Four Key Practices and implemented through Milestones Ministry. Whether it be Christian education, worship and preaching, administration, evangelism, preschool or day school programs, or even how to best use the facilities, it can all be enhanced by the Four Keys and Milestones Ministry. The goal is to partner the ministry of the home with the equipping and supportive role of the congregation through the Four Key Faith Practices and Milestones Ministry.


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What makes Milestones Ministry so effective for congregations and for homes is the five-part strategy that includes Naming the milestones, Equipping the milestone with the Four Key Faith Practices, Blessing the Milestone participants, Gifting Milestone participants with a physical item that can help people recall this special moment in faith formation and outreach, and, finally, Reinforcing the milestone by having follow-up experiences that help people go deeper into the life of faith. Instead of encouraging a ministry that is a mile wide and an inch deep, Milestones promotes a way of of life that becomes accustomed to weave daily life experiences with the word of God.

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