FaithTalk With Children Coloring and Activity Sheets

FaithTalk With Children Coloring and Activity Sheets

The FaithTalk With Children Coloring and Activity Sheets are designed to give parents, grandparents, and other adult faith mentors the opportunity to engage with children and wonder and share about God’s presence in our lives. They encourage and nurture meaningful faith discussions. The individual coloring and activity sheets are divided into the Four Key Faith Practices of Caring Conversations, Devotions, Rituals and Traditions, and Service. Each of the four folders contains 24 coloring sheets to engage in conversations with children about the Christian faith. There is also a cover page included that describes each of the Four Key Faith Practices in detail and an index describing the content of each page.

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Each of the 96 faith-sharing coloring sheets has a picture to color and discussion questions relating to the topic of the picture. Each coloring and activity page has a brief subject title to easily select the coloring page most appropriate for use. These coloring sheets are perfect for homes and all types of congregational activities, including Sunday school, children’s sermons, Vacation Bible School, and any activities that include children.

These FaithTalk With Children Coloring and Activity Sheets are based on the Milestones Ministry faith formation framework of five principles for living and passing on faith, four key faith practices, and three characteristics for Christians. The coloring sheets are reproducible, professionally designed, and print ready as individual sheets. They are easy to use, exceptionally affordable, and extremely effective as a faith formation tool for children.

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