Making The Most of Taking Faith Home Coaching

Three one hour online sessions = $149.95

We know the demands on your time and leadership are ever increasing! So, let’s work together for a brief period to make a real difference in your congregation. 

The Milestones Ministry Team helps congregational leaders make the best use of resources that will nurture the Christian faith as well as help congregations reach out to others with the love of God in Christ. 

This Making the Most of Taking Faith Home Tutorial and Training happens on-line and will help you maximize the benefits of using this weekly bulletin insert. Establishing the routine of using Taking Faith Home (TFH) at congregational meetings and Bible studies will help people practice the Christian faith by reading Scripture, praying, engaging in caring conversations, and using Christian rituals and traditions in daily life. Because people do not expect pearls of the kingdom in their bulletins, you will learn how to make this resource work better for you and countless others.

For those not familiar with Taking Faith Home, bulletin inserts , they are based on the Revised Common Lectionary, and features the following: a short theme statement to capture the week’s focus; suggested daily Bible readings; a key scripture verse that relates to the theme; prayers and a blessing to use during the week; a suggested hymn that relates to the theme; a mountain high and/or valley low in everyday life discussion; and examples of each of the Four Key Faith Practices (caring conversations, devotions, service, and rituals and traditions) that compliment that week’s theme.

The coaching tutorial includes three one-hour on-line sessions for up to three individuals. The three sessions will include the following:

  1. An exploration of the congregation’s current ministry and use of TFH,
  2. Implementation of steps to expand the use of TFH that meet the needs and culture of the congregation, and
  3. an assessment of what was accomplished with an eye to next steps to be taken in order to establish TFH as an integral part of the congregation’s ministry. 

This process will help leaders—both staff and volunteer—take strategic steps so that people actually use TFH and benefit from it in their homes, at congregational events, and during daily life activities. The tutorial and training is part coaching, part consulting, and part teaching with an emphasis on helping current users with tips, effective practices, and how this valuable resource can best work for them.

Who are David and Debbie?

The coaches are the Rev. Dr. David W. Anderson and Debbie Streicher who together offer over 50 years of congregational leadership training experience. David has served over a decade as a parish pastor, received his Th.D. in pastoral theology, authored five leadership books and numerous publications on faith formation and outreach, and has provided coaching and training over the years. Debbie has served over a decade on a congregational staff, and has been an instructor, curriculum writer and designer, and consultant for several different ministries over the past 30 years. She has had extensive practical experience with developing and utilizing resources for faith formation and leadership and has authored numerous publications for Christian education and faith formation networks across the country.

For more information contact David at or Debbie at or call 304-300-0836 for more information and leave your contact information. We will get back to you ASAP!