LifeLong Faith is a Partner in Faith Formation

Milestones Ministry is honored to partner in faith formation with John Roberto, founder of LifeLong Faith Associates. He has spent a lifetime working in Christian faith formation—teaching, writing, researching, consulting, and developing program resources.

John has designed three websites for LifeLong Faith: is designed around the seven elements of lifelong faith formation in the new book, Lifelong Faith: Formation with All Ages and Generations. to assist you in using the book and online resources to create lifelong faith formation in your church. In addition, the Lifelong Faith Library includes all of the WHAT IF… articles, the six Lifelong Faith Books available to download for free, the back issues of the Lifelong Faith Journal, and the 2021 Webinarvideos and handouts for our sponsoring organizations. ​​The Lifelong Faith book and the website work together to guide you in developing lifelong faith formation in your church community. 

The provides curated digital resources – from a variety of Christian faith traditions – for children, adolescents, adults, and families ​to assist leaders in building networks of faith formation and playlists of learning. ​​The curated resources in the Studio are organized around the ten goals for maturing in faith described in the Lifelong Faith book: Bible, Christian Story, Community Life, Jesus, Discipleship, Gifts & Talents, Justice & Service, Moral Life, Prayer, and Worship & Liturgy. In addition there are resources for Life Stages & Transitions, and the Seasons of the Year. ​We have selected a variety of digital resources that are either free or low cost that you can use to develop online faith formation programming for all ages in your faith community in virtual and blended settings. The resources listed can be used in designing online and hybrid faith formation programming and playlists, and adding content to faith formation websites for children, adolescents, adults, families, and all generations. provides free video-based training developed by the Lifelong Faith Team of veteran faith formation leaders. Our goal is to equip leaders with the knowledge, practices, and skills for designing, leading, and organizing lifelong faith formation in their churches. Each video program is one hour in length, presented in multiple parts for easy viewing, and includes a “Resources” page with articles and design tools. The videos are design to inform and equip leaders and teams to design and lead faith formation. ​The video programs are designed for “just in time” learning so that you and your team can watch a video presentation and use the tools to design programming. The videos can be used in a variety of ways: 1) For personal enrichment and on-your-own learning, 2) For training your team(s), 3) For preparation to design faith formation initiatives and programming, 4) For facilitating a course or workshop, and more​.

​Training Programs & Presenters

  • ​Children’s Faith Formation – with Dr. Tanya Campen
  • Adolescent Faith Formation – with Rev. Michael Droege
  • Young Adult Faith Formation – with Sarah Jarzembowski
  • Adult Faith Formation – with Janet Schaeffler, OP
  • Family Faith Formation – with Denise Utter
  • Intergenerational faith formation – with Dr. Kathie Amidei
  • Milestones Faith Formation – with Debbie Streicher
  • Lifelong Faith Formation Models – with Catherine LaVecchia 
  • Faith Pathways – with Rev. Kathy Pittenger
  • Playlist Faith Formation – with Rev. Kathy Pittenger
  • Community and Relationship Building – with Jane Angha 
  • Organizing for Faith Formation – with Rev. Christine Hides
  • Design & Implementation of Programming – with Jim Merhaut