FaithTalk Card Decks and Coloring and Activity Sheets

We are excited to share with you that Milestones Ministry has recently acquired several resources from FaithWellMT and the copyright for FaithTalk Conversations and FaithTalk with Children card sets.

Our thanks to the Rev. Dr. Dick Hardel who owned and managed these resources for contacting us recently. He decided it was time to retire from his many decades of ministry and providing resources for congregations and to close his website, FaithWellMT. We wish the very best to Dick and are grateful that he thought of Milestones Ministry as a good place to embrace the resources as they all fall beautifully under the umbrella of our mission.     

Milestones Ministry Mission: To provide congregations and households with resources and services to nurture the Christian faith  and reach out to others with the love of God in Christ.

Milestones Ministry will now be the home for all the Four Key resources developed out of the former Youth & Family Institute and that came out of the doctoral research of our own David Anderson.

All of the resources at Milestones Ministry help congregations equip individuals and households to shepherd one another in faith, hope, and love.

FaithTalk With Children Card Deck: Link to more information.

FaithTalk Conversations Card Deck: Link to more information.

New! FaithTalk Coloring and Activity Sheets for Children and Families: Link to more information.