From the Great Omission to Vibrant Faith

From the Great Omission to Vibrant Faith: The Role of the Home in Renewing the Church                                       by David W. Anderson (2009)

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Parents play the most important role in the faith formation of their children. Yet, many congregations are failing to equip parents and other caring adults with the tools they need to nurture and grow the faith of the young people in their congregations. The good news is that it is not too late to fix this problem. Anderson traces how this “Great Omission” has happened and what we can do to challenge our youth to live lives of faith and service. This is a wonderful resource for congregational leaders, parents, grandparents, and adults who seek a vital faith in Jesus Christ for themselves and their children. FTGO-Ebook-2T

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This book gives ample evidence from modern research, Bible, and church history to affirm the critical role of the home in faith formation. However, knowing that articulating a vision and affirming the importance of nurturing faith in the home is not enough, FROM THE GREAT OMISSION TO VIBRANT FAITH also helps congregational leaders take critical steps to transform congregations from being an end in themselves to be a vital partner to equip children, youth, and adults of all ages to nurture the faith in the home and reach out to others with faith, hope, and love. The book teaches foundational principles like patience and persistence, checking in with parishioners to see how their lives of faith are growing and being challenged, and the importance of grace-filled accountability are all steps that can help promote meaningful faith formation and outreach to others.

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