Are you excited about going deeper with Milestones Ministry or Taking Faith Home to build and strengthen faith formation practices but aren’t sure where to begin or how to get others on board?

Do you want to explore and develop how Milestones Ministry can enrich the faith journey of the homes you serve?

Do you want to explore and develop how Milestones Ministry can be a major resource to reach out with the gospel to the community around you?

Do you need a dialogue partner to rethink your assumptions, programs and practices regarding how Milestones Ministry blesses your congregation, homes and neighborhood?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then Milestones Ministry short-term coaching and consulting services might be just what you’re looking for. Contact David Anderson at or Debbie Streicher at for more information.

As your Milestones Ministry coach, we are the staff you currently want and need but can’t afford/don’t have, and we provide it at a fraction of it would cost to add a staff member to your congregation. How is this so? We at Milestones Ministry offer decades of experience, wisdom, and training that will direct your ministry steps more quickly to the results you want.

Below are our recommended costs for coaching. If your congregation is in a situation that cannot afford these costs, we still want to help. We are open to discuss costs that your congregation can afford. We at Milestones Ministry want to be clear that we are here first and foremost to support and equip congregations to make a difference in the world through the reconciling work of Christ. Please know that we are open to conversations to adjust prices so that we can partner with you in ministry and strengthen your ministry to the glory of God and the needs of all people.

  • Three months: $750
  • Six months: $1,350
  • One Year $2,400

The cost of not working with a Milestones Ministry coach:

Without us, you will be taking your valuable time to . . .

1. Reinvent the wheel when it has been designed and lubricated through thirty years of leadership work by the Milestones Ministry coaches.
2. Look for the wisdom and information we already have at our fingertips.
3. Conduct your own first-time trial-and-error efforts when Milestones Ministry coaches have over thirty years of learning from field-tested efforts working with hundreds of congregations over the years.
4. Find like-minded colleagues to support you at every turn.
5. Back up and try another approach because you learned the path you took was a dead end.
6. Retreat from what you want to accomplish because you are exhausted and discouraged without the support, wisdom, and outside resources provided by Milestones Ministry.

Outcome of Milestones Ministry Coaching

Congregations, small groups, households, and families are equipped and encouraged to shepherd souls in the love of God through Christ our Savior and Lord. Shepherding souls results in a deeper experience of the life of faith of Christians and reaches out to others looking for meaning, faith, hope, and love.

For more information on coaching, email us at