Click here to download articles written by Debbie Streicher and David W. Anderson


Click here to view presentations given by the Milestones Ministry Team


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Click here to download Milestones Ministry leadership guides for Milestones, Taking Faith Home, and Blessings Bowls

Additional Downloads:

2018 ELCA Youth Gathering Interactive Learning Center:

TFH 2018 Youth Gathering Exodus 3

TFH 2018 Youth Gathering John 4

TFH 2018 Youth Gathering Acts 8

TFH 2018 Youth Gathering Luke 24

TFH 2018 Youth Gathering Mark 5

2018 Fellowship of Christian Puppeteers National Conference (workshops by Debbie Streicher)

Building and Sustaining a Ministry Team July 28 2018

From Scripture to Improv to Presentation July 27 2018

Dollar Store Props July 27 2018

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