David Anderson Presentations:

Debbie Streicher Presentations:

Presentations from the Milestones Ministry Seminar in Cumberland. MD, June 2017:


From the Fish Bowl to the Ocean – making_disciples

Immersion Leads to Daily Faith Application immersion_leads_to_daily_faith_application

Passing on Faith: Milestone to Milestone

Milestones Ministry: An Effective Model for Lifelong Faith Formation – published by Lifelong Faith in the 2014 fall edition of the Lifelong Journal. An Effective Model

Milestones as a Means to Empower and Equip Lives of Faith – published by Lifelong Faith in the 2015 winter edition of the Lifelong Journal. Empower and Equip

A Milestones Focus on Adults: Replacing Programs with Relationships – published by Lifelong Faith in the 2015 spring/summer edition of the Lifelong Journal. Focus on Adults


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07-Reformation-Anniversary 2

20180214 COLOR (Ash Wednesday)


The Taking Faith Home User Guide:   TFH16-17 User Guide      TFH17-18 User Guide

Why use Taking Faith Home?   TFH16-17 Tips for Leaders Guide    TFH17-18 Tips for Leaders Guide

Taking Faith Home Suggested Hymns: TFH16-17 Cycle A Hymn Listing    TFH17-18 Cycle B Hymn Listing

Series A for Child and Youth Milestones Manual User Guide: Series A Child-Youth Milestones User Guide

Series B for Adult Milestones Manual User Guide: adult-milestones-ministry-user-gude

Blessing Bowl for Meaningful Moments and Stones

Blessing Bowl and Stones for Congregational Milestones

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