Denise Broveak

Denise Broveak, Pastor, St. Paul’s Church, Humboldt, SD

“Our congregation introduced the Blessing of the Backpacks milestone for the first time last fall. It was the first time for our congregation and for our local elementary school. And, the first time we did this in cooperation with another congregation in our community. We set up a stand with balloons and colorful ribbons across the street from the elementary school on open house night. As the parents and children walked by, we offered key chains with prayers and Scripture. More than 250 ‘blessings’ were given away and all with such positive responses! ‘What a good thing this is!’ ‘May I take one for my sister/friend?’ ‘Free? Well, thank you very much!’ ‘Will you bless my van as well?’ Of course, the response we treasured most was, ‘What time is your church service and Sunday school?’ Blessing of the Backpacks will definitely become a Milestones Ministry tradition!”

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