Greg Williams

Greg Williams of Grace Church, Hendersonville, NC shares his Milestones Ministry stories!

Beginning Confirmation Milestone

(This milestone recommends this home visit story described by Greg.)

“Prior to our sixth grade students beginning confirmation ministry, each student and their parents are visited by one of the pastors or the youth director. Ideally, the visit is in the home. The purpose of the visit is to learn about the faith activities of the family and to invite/encourage the parents to be participants in the faith education of their child during the confirmation ministry. We also share specifically some of the activities we encourage to help parents discuss faith at home with their student.”

Confirmation Milestone: Connecting Home and Congregation

(The spirit of beginning confirmation and the Evening of Honor that is part of the Confirmation Milestone.)

“Each week, confirmation concludes with the ‘Final 15.’ The parents join the students as the highlights of the night’s lesson are reviewed as well as important information about ministry events. Then, the families are given a slip of paper with a ‘focus question.’ The focus question relates to the lesson’s theme and is for families to reflect on and discuss during the week following that lesson. We try to equip them for caring conversations and to teach faith to their own children at home or in the car on the way home that night.”

Mission Trip Milestone

(We are attempting to connect youth with members who strive to be authentic, available and affirming)

“We have adults write short, affirming letters to youth on mission trips and to pray for them. Olivia, the youth, shared with the congregation one Sunday morning that Carol had written her a note affirming Olivia’s growth in faith saying, ‘I saw you baptized, sing in the children’s choir and get confirmed.’ With surprise and appreciation, Olivia said, ‘This lady has been watching me all this time!’”